Monday, March 14, 2011

Philly in photo form.

I know, I'm a little bit late on the update, here, but these things happen.  Pesky things like work get in the way and just derail things, like fly tying, blogging, & fishing (sometimes).  At any rate, lets roll the Philly footage:

Kyle Majikas is sporting a handsome new shirt.  He's a part of the "crucial three" in Double Haul Fly Fishing.  Many of you out there who have ordered the large sized t-shirts got it from him.

Anthony Giaquinto showing Philly his talents. 

I spy Mike Nutto wearing a Fiberglass Manifesto t-shirt.

Good friend, great tyer, and pretty much the "on the road general" for the Catskills Fly Tyers Guild , John Collins, twisting up some patterns for the public.

"Uncle Vin" Majikas, my mentor, made his way up and is sporting some new gear.  The Loyalsock Creek may not be the same.

Erik, sporting the gear.  Yes, shameless promotion.  Erik & I used to be in a band together called Inspecter 7.  We were one the pair of founding members.  Erik grew up fishing the Raritan Canal until 2am, as a kid.  He's come over to the darkside, that is fly fishing.  The man has got his gear and licenses ready to go.  He is at an advantage here because of all of the collective people we know.  The bull & fluff will be all filtered out for him.  So, throughout this year we'll see him on some videos and maybe he'll contribute a few writtings to this blog about his experiences as a newbie. The beginning of the end is near for you, Erik.

One of the biggest questions of show was not "could that LCD panel on tyers row be any bigger" but rather, how could you not have beer at a fishing show??  There was a bit of a dilema with obtaining a barley pop, but we did manage to find a bar in the complex.  Next time we roll with. 

All in all, for a 1st time show, it wasn't poorly attended.  The true brunt of the traffic was certainly in the morning on Saturday.  It's not without it's growing pains, either.  Weird to also have a Baseball Card show the same weekend, too, but oh well.  Also, the question of "show burn out" comes into play, too.  Time will tell whether or not this will continue to be on the calendar.


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  1. I wish I had anything remotely close like this here in vegas! Great blog! You got a new follower