Thursday, March 3, 2011

The "Chum Lord" Long Sleeve T-shirt

As of today 3/3/2011, we here at Double Haul Fly Fishing have also decided to compliment everything else we do with shirts.  Right now on the "Gear" page we have an offering of a long sleeve shirt at run of 100, right now.  It is rightfully named the Chum Lord shirt because of the gnarly salmon carcass, which is flanked by stone flies, that adorns the back of our shirt.

The Chum Lord actually existed and was used from a pic that was taken of it on one of our trips, last fall.  He was perched high atop a makeshift riverside monument, which was erected in the Upper Fly Zone of the Salmon River in upstate New York.

Offerings of flies, fly fishing line, tippet, & cans of beer were placed around him, while messages were scribbled in permanent maker in praise & hopes of good Juju for the fishing ahead. 

The Chum Lord also appears, briefly, in our Fish & Destroy - Halloween Steelhead Jam video on YouTube.

As with most things, the Chum Lord has not been seen, since, just like the many salmon carcasses that draped the river in the fall.  They have returned to the earth and sea as nature takes it's coarse, yet again.  However, the Chum Lord of Altmar lives on in our shirts and I hope you will buy them and wear them proudly in reverence, rememberance, and out of respect to the many salmon that make the journeys upstream to continue their lineage.

Big thanks to Hannah Connors @ Dogwig Printing for her work on the shirts & anyone else that had a hand in it. 


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  1. Make sure you bring a Large for me at the Valley Forge show Uncle Hooli.