Monday, June 13, 2011

June lull.

Things have been a wee bit quiet on the Double Haul front, as of late.  Sure, there's been fishing, but a lack of filming has taken hold.  I really think the blown out Loyalsock had a lot to do with it.  Pennsylvania, this year, has been a rough one for me.  Between the freeze, the rains, and then the heat, it has been a really slow start.  This year seems to be a New Jersey year for me, when in the past, it wasn't so.  Maybe I am getting better with my New Jersey game after all.  In the past few years, I've had some really good teachers, so maybe it's working for me. 

Behind the works there are some cool little developments going on, that Double Haul will be a part of, indirectly.  There's a quite a bit of swag out there and it's being repped pretty well by you out there and I thank you for it.  We still have a bit of long sleeves to contend with, but you learn as you go, right?  The one thing that keeps it honest is that we're not "world beaters" and don't really intend to be.  It's just a dinky blog from New Jersey, after all.  We're certainly not telling anyone how to fish or the gear to use.  Heck, it's wet wading season, so wear what you will.  Also, it very important to keep a cooler in the ol' trunk.  Nothing says friend more than having an ice cold barley pop for the fishing victory........well, of course, if you have room for it, some bottled water isn't such a bad idea.  Remember:  This is only if you can fit it in.

It doesn't make you a bad person, if you can't.

Along the way, it's really about helping our buds out, whether they're home grown in NJ, Kenosha, Lehighton, Brooklyn, Boise, Colorado Springs, Long Island, or where have you.  It is about new fishing spots, at the end of the day.  Over the cold barley pop (or water) is where the next adventures are discussed.  This is also another reason why we did a shirt and sticker run right off the bat.  You folks are taking us places where we have yet to be, if at all.  This does keep things at a purely underground level.  Yes, the Internet is of great help and gets things out to a wider group of folks, but it seems that the ones who "get it" have enthusiastically jumped in full tilt.  That's very humbling and I owe you all a barley pop at some point.  

Thanks for tuning in.



  1. Thanks for posting. There's many more adventures planned and imagined. With the proper lubrication e.g., barley pop, some wit and czech rollers, and a snappy stick we'll solve the world's problems. Well, at least the immediate ones, like where's the fish and when's this rain gonna stop. East Coast weather... gotta love it.

  2. Nice brown! I with ya on the PA being a rough one this year but when the conditions are right that place blows NJ away. I'm glad I found this blog. It looks good.