Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ramsey's Fly Fishing Day in pictures.

Seems like I'm a week behind, now, but you have to get in some fishing, too.  Last week's Fly Fishing Day at Ramsey Outdoor was nice little affair.  Double Haul Fly Fishing even had their own table, which was flanked on our right by John Collins & John Kavanaugh tying for the Catskills Fly Tyers Guild and on our left was Mike Nutto & Anthongy Giaquinto twisting up their patterns.  So, we were in good company. The streams, at that time, were blown out, so what else was there to do??  It was also a chance to meet up with some of the online friends for the 1st time. 

Michael McAuliffe of Rise Form Studio conducting his class.

Lance Wilt, lead guide at Spruce Creek Fly Co. steps in to teach a Central PA pattern or two.

George Douglas of Kype Magazine was in attendence.  I found, out that, weekend that George is originally from New Jersey, as well.  This may be material for another post at some other time, but I found it quite cool how one Kype issue has brought a few people together, recently. 

Rob Yaskovic works his magic behind the lens a majority of the time, doing fantasic wedding shots & portraits, but he likes his fly fishing, as well. 

Plus, Rob can make your Uncle Hooli look like he's been tying his ass off for the past 25 years, rather than for 2 years, and makes my Partridge concoction look stunning.  It is nice to have three links to 3 photographers that fly fish.  I get to pick their brains about cameras.  I have yet to, seriously, use my DSLR with the 50mm prime lens, but when I do, I know all I have to do is get some time on the water with guys who use it everyday. 

As I mentioned, early on, in this blog, you tend to discover some latent talents that you never quite knew existed.  I don't think my pics are anything special, but then you hear otherwise.  This is yet another thing about fly fishing I do enjoy. It really is not just the fishing, especially, when get some stream time in with someone.  It is the exchange of ideas, whether fishing a particular stream, gear, fly tying tips, or photography tips that I do enjoy.


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  1. That looks like so much fun! I wish we had something like that in vegas!!