Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ramping up for spring.

It’s been near a week and a half since the Fly Fishing Show circus pulled out of New Jersey.  I managed to control myself and not drop cash left & right for things I “want”, but not necessarily need.  At least on paper, or this blog, it’s a brave face to put on.  I spent $16 on tying items and probably spent 3x more on barley pops.  So, I kept it in control and, mainly, just wound up talking to bunch of my online fishing friends and tyers.
In recent years, I’ve called the Fly Fishing Show, The Last Big Social, before the game of Fly Fishing starts, unless you’re a die hard, like most of us, and will seek out those spring creeks in the dead of winter for rising trout or just a river that doesn’t ice over to dredge bottom.  January was a bit rough in New Jersey and the Northeast, for that matter.  Snowstorms and subfreezing temps have thwarted many die hard anglers and as a result pushed us to the tying bench. 

The show attendance on Saturday was quite nuts.  It was definitely a combination of cabin fever and Lefty Kreh (plus other heavy hitters) that got everyone fired up.  For me, it was the “social” of it all that got me amped up for the early spring sessions on the stream.  Being able to share stories, trade numbers, and come up with smaller fishing jaunts during the season, is fuel for the fire. 
Should be a great early season once the melt happens…….but not all at once.  Please??

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