Thursday, February 17, 2011

The build up continues.

Been a while, since I've posted anything.  It's been a wee bit hectic trying to come up with things that we'll be pushing on this site, as well as our Double Haul Facebook page and seeing how this will mesh up.  Better do it now before things totally thaw out, but at this rate Ma Nature is rubbing up on Ol' Man Winter and getting him a little warmed up.  As I write this out the temps should be near 60 today and the Little Black Stoneflies should be having a field day.

There's quite a bit going on as this page slowly grows.  Most of us at DHFF will be at the close of The Fly Fishing Show that will be held in Philadelphia for the 1st time, this year on March 5th & 6th.  It might be a really good show there, if Somerset, NJ was any gauge.  We'll see.  That puts us a month off from the fair weather fly fishermen invasion with all the opening days lined up in a row.  This is what we are trying to mesh with and it's going ok.  We have business cards at the ready, now (flies not included). 

Thanks to Cameron Mortenson @ The Fiberglass Manifesto for the 411 on getting the cards.  There has been quite a bit of support from many of you out there for this lil' nook we occupy amongst the big hitters.  From ideas to suggestions and advice, it's made this all the better.  The potential for more fun, as well, as documenting it all will be quite a joy.

There's been a lot of behind the scenes action here, plus, wedging in fly tying, and taking field trips out to our beloved Loyalsock Creek out in Sullivan County, PA to just get away from it all.  Though I'm a garden fresh New Jersey kid, my 'home water' is in PA.  I started my journey into trout fishing with an Ugly Stik there and knew what a Slate Drake was before I started using Isonychia patterns casting a fly rod. 

While things here are starting to thaw out, the 'Sock', as many call it, is still on ice. Things run a little behind up that way, which is fine by me.  Come late April, it is ON!!  I try to fish it as much as possible and usually make it a group trip with a bunch of friends, who have never been up in that region of PA.  "New water" is always good and it gives one, yet, another option.  It gets the mind going and maybe will spawn a sense of adventure, if you will.  As much as a "loner" or "solitary" sport/activity/dose of sanity fly fishing is, I've been one to look forward to these "group of friends" trips.  The more and more of my friends who come out to fish where I started, the more joy I get out of it. What's not to like??

Stay tuned for more.........


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